Bitbucket integration

In order to receive Bitbucket events in your Estafette CI installation you need to create Bitbucket app and install it in your workspace.

Ensure you have either Github login or Google login configured and set yourself as administrator.

Configure Estafette for App Descriptor

In order for Estafette's Bitbucket App Descriptor endpoint to work ensure the Helm installation has the following values.yaml values file:

    files: |
      config.yaml: |
            enable: true

          baseURL: 'https://<(private) host for the web gui>'
          integrationsHost: 'https://<public host to receive webhooks>'

or override the default config with environment variables like:

  baseHost: '<(private) host for the web gui>'
  integrationsHost: '<public host to receive webhooks>'
      value: 'true'

With this in place run

helm upgrade --install estafette-ci estafette/estafette-ci -n estafette-ci --create-namespace --timeout 600s --values values.yaml

Register App

Navigate to Develop Apps within your Bitbucket workspace at<account>/workspace/settings/applications. Once there click Register app and enter https://<integrations host>/api/integrations/bitbucket/descriptor?key=<(private) host for the web gui> for the _Descriptor URL`. This registers the application with Bitbucket.

Installing the App

First go to the Installed apps page and check the Enable development mode checkbox. Then go back to Develop apps and click the installation url as shown in the previously registered app and select the workspace you want to authorize it for.

Viewing integrations

As an Estafette administrator go to the Admin > Integrations page to see all configured integrations.

Stored details

The details for the integrations are stored in the estafette-ci-api.bitbucket configmap. They do not get backed up in any way, so after disaster recovery you will have to reconfigure integrations.